Outsourcing Model

Psybergate’s outsourcing strategy is based on the onsite-offsite project model where the majority of work is carried out by offsite resources for cost and process efficiency. Some members of the team are located on-site at various stages in the project life cycle which facilitates those activities that require a more immersed presence. Psybergate’s offering is structured to suit both IT and business organisations.


Our key differentiator lies in the fact that not only are we a resource provisioning company, we are also a software development and consulting company with our own practicing project managers, analysts and developers. This benefits our clients both in how we source our candidates as well as how we process them.

Whilst we make optimal use of online tools such as Pnet, these are not our primary means of sourcing candidates. We rely extensively on our own networks and referrals from people in our network. Our three senior executives, who are all actively involved in resource provisioning, have each been in the application development industry for over twenty years and have built up large contact bases which we actively mine for referrals. We also regularly attend industry events e.g. The Agile Forum, which expose us to even more people involved in the Application Development arena. Through our networks we are often able to source candidates who do not make use of the likes of Pnet or traditional recruitment agencies.

A key value proposition in the processing of candidates is that we use people within Psybergate who have similar skill as the candidates they are interviewing i.e. a practicing project manager will interview a project manager candidate. We believe that interviewing candidates by someone who is a practitioner in the same field as the candidate is a key quality intervention as we are able to probe/understand our candidates’ skills better than our competitors, many of whom are merely trying to match terms in a job description with terms on a CV. The value add to our clients is that although we are not a volume provider of CVs, we refer better qualified candidates, thereby saving our clients time. From experience we have found that many of our submitted candidates are shortlisted by our clients.

In addition to interviewing candidates by practitioners in their field, we have also created our own technical assessments for the evaluation of Java developers. The practical exercise involves the Java Developer writing code. This is typically followed by an interview with a senior developer during which the code written by the candidate is analysed and discussed with the candidate. On average the combination of the java coding exercise and technical interview lasts 4 to 6 hours.

Our contractors enjoy access to our large library of over 500 technical books. In addition, our senior staff are available to our contractors for discussions and advice on matters such as career growth.

Although Psybergate is an SME, we have been active in stimulating growth of Information Technology resources in our industry. We have been very active in the mentoring of Java developers. We have over the last three years experimented with mentoring groups of developers in various settings as opposed to 1 or 2 individuals. Through this process we have mentored in the region of 100 Java developers. These developers have ranged from having no Java experience to 15 years Java experience. This has included our own staff, individuals in our industry as well as mentoring of a client’s developers.